• Two Days: $2,740 / $2,440 prepaid

    Improve the attendee’s ability to deliver compelling, results-oriented presentations that create action and exceed client expectations by being alert, flexible, and proactive before, during, and after their presentations.

  • Two Days: $1,730 / $1,430 prepaid

    Help participants build and maintain positive working relationships with customers via telephone and electronic communications. Increase sales and customer satisfaction. Differentiate yourself and your company.

  • Two Days: $2,740 / $2,440 prepaid

    Enable attendees to financially justify, develop, and present a good business case by demonstrating and quantifying the value of their products, services, and solutions to their prospects and customers.

  • One Day: $1,935 / $1,740 prepaid

    Develop a consistent and quantifiable method for your team to create accurate forecasts, not subjective ones, in an interactive workshop-oriented environment.

  • Two Days: $2,740 / $2,440 prepaid

    Inspire attendees to reach their maximum leadership potential in both business and personal endeavors as they learn to master the six levels of leadership.

  • Three Days: $2,740 / $2,440 prepaid

    We believe there is no single Right Way to sell at Sales Concepts. Using our unique experiential learning methodology, we can customize this program for the individual needs of each attendee! Persuasive Sales consists of interactive workshops, theory, sales-call simulations, and instructor feedback.

  • One Day: $1,410 / $1,210 Prepaid

    Create a new mindset for appointment prospecting. Develop unique sales-value statements, set goals, and secure more appointments.

  • Two Days: $2,740 / $2,440 prepaid

    Effectively use the power of the Internet to find prospects with social networks, search engines, directories, blogs, and Twitter. Locate and develop prospects into customers using the vast resources of the Internet. Interact with and retain current customers. Build and foster ongoing customer relationships.

  • Two Days: $1,830 / $1,680 Prepaid

    Increase the ability of attendees to meet their client’s expectations and sell service contracts. Fix the customer as well as the equipment.

  • Two Days: $2,740 / $2,440 Prepaid

    Improve the skills of sales managers in Hiring, Coaching, and Performance Appraisal.

  • Self Study at Your Location $1,200

    Participants better understand themselves, how to work with others in various situations, and how relationships affect the perception of value.

  • One Day: $1,310 / $1,210 Prepaid

    Develop both a strategy and a tactical approach to maximize the impact and return of a trade show. We also provide methods for making quick and meaningful connections. This course provides tools attendees can use to convert prospects into customers.

  • Two Days: $2,740 / $2,440 prepaid

    The how-to’s of negotiating are presented. Methods used by professional buyers and sellers are examined, tested, and countered. Attendees are given usable financial approaches and cost justification techniques to counter price objections by selling value.

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