Customized Training Programs at Your Location

Training needs for your organization may often be filled with one of our public courses; however, other situations require a custom solution.

Why implement custom training?
  • It’s cost-effective for large groups.
  • It maximizes the use of real-life examples from within your company.
  • It allows the curriculum to be tailored to your group's specific needs.
  • It provides an opportunity for management support following the program.
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How can you make custom training happen at your company?

That’s our expertise! Contact us. Sales Concepts has delivered customized in-house training courses since 1980. Our professional course designers have created programs for numerous industries, including telecom, finance, IT, lodging, scientific instrumentation, manufacturing, industrial equipment, pharmaceutical, specialty products, transportation, energy, etc. We have delivered these programs in the United States, Canada, Russia, Ireland, The United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, and others.


Sounds good. Where do I begin?

The process starts when you provide Sales Concepts with some preliminary information.

  • What part of your organization are you training?
  • How many people need training?
  • What are your primary concerns?
  • What topics do you know need attention
  • What dates do you have in mind?
  • Where would you like to hold the training?
  • What should your team do differently when the training is done?
  • How will you measure success?

Then what?

Sales Concepts design team takes this information and recommends a further needs assessment, interview with the management team, or travel with company representatives. We often immediately return with a preliminary curriculum based on our years of experience with similar training initiatives.


When is a further needs assessment required?

Sometimes fully understanding all your training needs presents a serious challenge. You may have a large team and need to know what the majority needs. You may be a new hiring manager who has not worked with your team enough to understand their needs. Whatever the reasons, Sales Concepts offers a suite of Needs Assessment Tools that provide a quantitative analysis of the needs of your group. The results include individual reports for each participating person and a management report summarizing the team's needs. The assessments are delivered via workbook or through our Internet delivery system.


Every executive and manager wants to know…

How much time does this take? The answer is only 10 to 40 minutes per person. It depends on how detailed you want to get and how much time you want to invest.


When is it necessary to interview the management team?

Perhaps your training program needs to include several departments. If that is the case, we will interview each manager to determine how their team’s business objectives fit the training plan.


Why would we need to travel with company representatives?

When a training instructor hears, “Yes, but in our business,” it means that what is being taught is not applicable. To ensure that our training is customized for your markets, products, services, and people, we sometimes find spending time with your field representatives beneficial.


Sales Concepts customized training solutions

The trend towards outsourcing training continues to increase at rates never before seen. Your company’s decision to continue the development of your employee’s skills through the design and implementation of tailored training is an important one. Training is no longer viewed as an expense but, for smart companies, an investment in future earnings. Let our professional staff help you reclaim a healthy return when you invest.

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Professional development is a process, not an event.

The successful implementation of new skills and behavior will leave your customers with a lasting impression of the quality and value of your organization. Your company will also benefit from increased profits and employee loyalty and satisfaction.

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Need help assessing your team?

Sales Concepts has partnered with TTI Success Insights to help you determine exactly what your team needs to become more profitable and successful.TTI Success Insights is the world’s leading source for research-based, validated assessment and coaching tools that enable organizations to meet their talent management needs effectively. Click or call to learn more about how these tools can help you and your team.

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