Needs Assessments

We customize our assessments to meet various needs for individual and organizational effectiveness.

Sales Concepts offers TTI Success Insights™, a family of software programs designed to meet various needs for individual and organizational effectiveness. When management and colleagues understand and appreciate the behavioral talents of each other, they build the foundation for achieving high performance. The reports generated provides valuable information for self-awareness, coaching, team building, managing, and training design and delivery.
The following software packages are customized to meet a variety of needs for individual and organizational effectiveness.
  • Success Insights™ Executive Version
  • Success Insights™ Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values
  • Success Insights™ Sales Skills Index
  • Success Insights™ Sales Version
  • Success Insights™ Employee - Manager Relationship Success Insights
  • Customer Service Version
  • Success Insights™ Team Building Version
Success Insights™ Executive Version
Success Insights? Executive Version

Personal reports give executives an accurate analysis of their strengths and value to the organization. They can develop action plans to build on their strengths and overcome any factors limiting their success. The Success Insights™ Executive Version report provides the correct information for any executive to understand their management style, thereby assisting them in adapting their behavior to any situation.

  • Outlines personal behavioral strengths and value to the organization.
  • Identifies how each executive approaches problems and challenges.
  • Targets characteristics that can move executives from a manager of people to a leader of people.
  • Offers strategies for communicating openly, honestly, and directly.
Success Insights™ Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values Report
The Success Insights™ Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values Report (PIAV) measures responses in each of the six attitudes:
  1. Theoretical: a passion to discover; a search for knowledge.
  2. Utilitarian: a passion to gain a return on investment of time, resources, and money.
  3. Aesthetic: a passion to experience the impressions of the world; self-actualization.
  4. Social: a passion to eliminate hate and conflict; help others to be full-filled.
  5. Individualistic: a passion to achieve position and to use that position to influence.
  6. Traditional: a passion to seek out and pursue the higher meaning in life.
By looking at the attitudes that drive actions, one can understand the causes of conflict.
Success Insights Sales Skills Index

The Success Insights™ Sales Skills Index helps ensure that your sales personnel handle each opportunity correctly. The report shows strengths, weaknesses, and how well your sales force understands the sales process. Topics emphasized include prospecting, first impressions, qualifying, presentation, influencing, and closing, among others.

  • Allows focused managing and coaching in areas that produce results.
  • Identifies sales representative's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identifies specific training or management needs of a salesperson or sales force.
Success Insights™ Sales Version

The Success Insights™ Sales Version is geared toward the sales professional and takes into account the crucial differences between the sales force and other groups of employees. The report provides information on an individual's selling style and offers insights into adopting a specific sales style to give customers what they want. The Success Insights Sales report looks at how customers may see behavior as unfavorable under certain conditions (tension, stress, or fatigue) and provides information on creating a positive environment.

  • Shows managers how to get the most out of the sales team.
  • Helps coach the sales team for maximum results.
  • Boost sales ~ the ultimate objective.
Success Insights™ Employee - Manager Relationship

The Success Insights™ Employee-Manager Relationship enables employees and managers to learn more about each other in 15 minutes than they could by working together for an entire year. The goal is to create an environment for increased productivity and improved morale. The report details perceptions, keys to motivating, keys to managing, and others.

  • Revitalize present employee.
  • Gain commitment to improving performance and accelerating professional growth.
  • Conflict resolution: find effective ways to resolve differences.
Success Insights™ Customer Service Version

The MFS Customer Service Version examines the ability to interact effectively with customers. The report quantifies information on how customer service representatives view their behavior in the workplace. This knowledge helps assist in formulating strategies for meeting customer needs.

  • Empowers employees to project the image that will allow them to control customer service situations.
  • Helps customer service representatives identify types of customers and provides strategies to meet their needs.
  • Looks at various situations that could arise and offers advice on how to gain control, read the customer and apply the appropriate strategy.
Success Insights™ Team Building Version

The Success Insights™ Team Building Version helps managers identify and harness individual energies and effectively channel them towards group goals. The information is presented in a non-threatening manner to encourage members to share reports, recognize team priorities, resolve disagreements, blend their styles, and achieve team goals.

  • Helps team members understand how they respond to problems and challenges.
  • Shows team members how they can influence others to their point of view.
  • Looks at how team members respond to the pace of the environment.
  • Helps team members understand how they respond to the rules and procedures set by others.


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