Our Mission Statement

We provide experiential training and learning services for people who work in sales, management, customer support, and field service, contributing to the growth of these professionals and the companies they represent.

Why Sales Concepts?

Student to instructor ratio is at least 1:4, resulting in individual attention and actual behavior change.

Scenarios and case studies are based on your products and services, resulting in increased retention since your people can focus on the curriculum and not some contrived product.

With the low student-to-instructor ratio, we can customize even our public course to the needs of you and your attendee. The assistance of your managers in customizing specific segments of the course and completing our student assessment form allows us to get right to work on the specific issues each student needs to be addressed. This means we don’t waste valuable training time.

We have been providing innovative, customized sales and service training since 1981. We know how to help companies increase their sales and surpass customer expectations.

Our facilitators have backgrounds in sales, service, management, and finance. They utilize the latest experiential learning techniques to ensure that your people will do something different after the training.

The attendees participate in numerous video or audio-recorded sales scenarios with Sales Concepts’ instructors. Each person can practice the execution of their newly acquired skills on our instructors and not on your clients. They leave the course with a suite of new tools and the confidence to put them into practice and immediately secure a return on their training investment.

This course design has the added benefit of providing your staff with a common language and a better understanding of human behavior. This understanding will allow your staff to communicate better with customers and each other.

Our Capabilities

How can you make custom training happen for your company?

Sales Concepts provides world-class training for field sales, enterprise sales, inside sales, negotiating, management, presentations, team building, trade-show selling, and territory management.

We offer public courses, on-site courses and programs, corporate universities, keynote speakers, individual training programs, media-based training, and train-the-trainer certification.


Global Presence

Sales Concepts has delivered programs in Canada, Mexico, Ireland, France, the U.K., Switzerland, and Russia. Attendees to our courses include representatives from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, and the Americas.
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