Winning engagement and closing business from prospects and customers is challenging.

Sales Concepts is here to help you and your team meet your goals with customized virtual programs and interactive online workshops.
About Us
History and Philosophy

Since 1981, Sales Concepts has provided tailored training for people in sales, service, telemarketing, and management. Sales Concepts was founded on the philosophy that training should be productive, competitive, tailored to the individual, enjoyable, and designed to improve performance. There is more than one right way. There is no such thing as a silver bullet that works in all markets for all people. Training must be tailored to your market, products, services, and, most of all, people. Customized training by Sales Concepts helps your company develop a continuing, focused training program delivered in the specified time and format.

While everyone talks about customized training, most courses are one-size-fits. Sales Concepts tailored courses are more than just a good review. A tailored course should be challenging and participative, where attendees learn through experience. Attendees who feel and hear gain a fresh perspective on their performance.

If training is just a good review or not applicable to your people, products, or services, then the cost is too high. Make each dollar count by investing in tailored training to suit your needs.

Selling Isn't Easy!

With proper training, it's easier than it needs to be. Sales Concepts provides performance improvement programs for people who work with customers. We offer both public and customized sales training. We also provide programs for selling at trade shows and inside sales via telephone and social selling.

In addition to sales training, we offer customer service training, leadership, and management training, field service representative training, presentation training, and negotiation training.

We educate people about the sales process, listening, asking questions, negotiating value, financial justification, return on investment, selling benefits, selling value, handling objections, closing, behavior styles, telephone sales, first impressions, negotiating tactics, concessions, power, intimidation, assumptions, creativity, presentations, hiring, coaching, and more.

Sales Concepts, Inc. celebrates over three decades in business by continuing to offer cost-effective, innovative training programs. Programs are delivered by our best resource, sales and service training professionals with experience in sales, service, leadership, and management. Successful training implementation gives your customers a lasting impression of your high-quality organization. Your company also realizes increased employee loyalty and satisfaction. Consider the payback.

Selling Isn't Easy!

What we do…

Sales Concepts provides experiential training programs, performance improvement, and learning services for people who work in sales, management, customer support, and field service—contributing to the growth and development of these professionals and the companies they represent.

Sales Concepts training is for more than just rookies. You can obtain a substantial return on your investment by training your veterans. We improve performance regardless of experience level. Our experiential training methodology allows us to customize our training based on your attendee's needs.

Adults learn differently than children. For adults to learn, they must know why their learning is essential and relevant. Adults learn by doing. Adults have to learn their way. At Sales Concepts, we understand when people are emotionally involved, their learning is enhanced. We focus on motivation, experience, and application. We call it experiential learning.

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What is Experiential Training?

Sales Concepts' one-to-one approach to training means that our programs are customized for each individual, not just the industry or company. These customized programs lead to measurably improved performance. 1:1 Experiential Training makes each Sales Concepts program unique. Our attendees feel our programs are created just for them.

1:1 Experiential Training means we provide one instructor for every four attendees. Each attendee receives hands-on attention. Every seat in our class is a front-row seat. 1:1 means individual feedback. The atmosphere created encourages hard work. Each attendee discovers and practices opportunities for improvement.

1:1 Experiential Training is based on the concept that people change behavior only when it is their idea. Our training causes attendees to want to change their behavior. After all, training must positively change behavior to have value.

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