Value-Added Negotiating

Negotiate Value Instead of Price
Virtual Edition

Negotiate Value Instead of Price - Virtual Program

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Help attendees improve margins by selling value-driven solutions, not price-driven solutions. Attendees will:

  • understand common negotiating tactics and how to effectively counter them.
  • realize negotiating power resides with both the buyer and the seller.
  • develop a negotiating mindset that takes the fear out of losing business.
  • reach win-win solutions that focus on value, not price.
Course Synopsis

The how-to's of negotiating are presented. Methods used by professional buyers and sellers are examined, tested, and countered. Attendees gain a working, usable knowledge of financial approaches and cost justification techniques used to counter price objections by selling value. Stress is placed on pre-call preparation and the use of a proven tool, the Situation Analysis. Attendees are coached before tailored live interactive calls and their performances are individually discussed afterward. We present the concepts in an enjoyable manner to increase effectiveness via experiential learning techniques.

Negotiating Scenarios
Participants practice the concepts introduced by negotiating with an instructor using a scenario developed by their manager based on their product or service.
Topics Covered
The Process of Negotiating
Watch what you say.
Achieve your goal.
Who has it?
Do not defend them.
Situation Analysis
Preparation is the key.
Know what they cost.
Four Negotiations
Structured practice.
Seven mindless-compliance conditions.
  • Mondays
  • Seven Interactive Online Workshops
  • Two Interactive Live Negotiating Calls with a Sales Concepts Coach
  • $1,990 per attendee
Course Agenda
Session I ~ 45 Minutes
Introduction to Negotiating Principles – Negotiating is a Process
Salespeople often believe that negotiating is something that occurs at the end of the sales process near the close. Nothing could be further from the truth. Negotiating is a process that occurs along with the sales process. What you do and say at the beginning of this process severely affects what takes place at the end of it. In this session we are explain and evaluate negotiating principles and how proper positioning throughout the entire process impact the ability to justify your price and protect your margin.
Session II ~ 45 Minutes
How Different Types of People Negotiate
Customers and prospects have different expectations from salespeople. If they are treated the same, the salesperson is missing opportunities to move the process forward. This easy to use method teaches time-proven skills for recognizing expectations and building positive relationships. Attendees learn a better understanding of themselves and other people, how to work and negotiate with people in varying situations, and how relationships affect the perception of value.
Session III ~ 45 Minutes
Tactics people use when negotiating are reviewed. Covert and overt tactics are covered with examples and counters.
Customized Virtual Sales Call ~ 45 Minutes
First Virtual Negotiating Call via Zoom
Participants negotiate—individually—with a Sales Concepts instructor during a recorded sales call via Zoom. The scenario, designed by their managers and a Sales Concepts instructor, simulates a realistic environment. Participants should demonstrate value in the meeting. Individual feedback is provided following the call.
Session IV ~ 45 Minutes
How Questions Impact the Negotiating Process
Asking questions is essential to discovering and understanding what is important in a negotiation. Purposeful open-ended questions asked with intent provide the best information.
Session V~ 45 Minutes
Assumptions - Concessions - Power
Assumptions: Work to avoid relying on assumptions. They keep you from evaluating a situation with an open mind and impede creativity.

Concessions: We all must compromise when negotiating. Do it in a way that does not damage your margins.

Power: Understand, identify and leverage your sources of power.

Session VI ~ 45 Minutes
Situation Analysis
The use of a strategic negotiating planning tool is discussed. We provide the tool for all participants.
Customized Virtual Sales Call ~ 45 Minutes
Second Virtual Negotiating Call via Zoom
This second negotiation is a follow-up to the first negotiation and an opportunity to close. Feedback from the instructor follows the twenty-minute negotiation. The tactics used are discussed regarding their effectiveness. Comments, feedback, and recommendations by the instructor make this a powerful learning session.
Session VII ~ 45 Minutes
Course Summary
Attendees and instructors discuss the negotiating process and what they plan to do differently as a result of the course. Attendees are encouraged to set themselves apart from the competition, pay attention to style, ask questions, listen, negotiate value instead of price, and close throughout the process.

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