The Secret, Effective Leaders Know

The Secret, Effective Leaders Know
September 12, 2022

Many people desire to be in positions of leadership. However, they may not understand the concept of servant leadership. The most effective leaders do not attain their positions by defeating their opponents or holding others back. Instead, they inspire others and help them accomplish great things.

What is servant leadership?

Servant leadership as a term first appeared in an essay written by an AT&T executive named Robert Greenleaf. Greenleaf asserted that an organization with servant-first leadership could be highly effective and productive.

Service to others is the core of his philosophy. The servant leader does not look for ways to seek personal gain. Instead, the servant leader becomes influential by empowering others to become better leaders. Greenleaf defines a servant leader in his writing as a servant first. Servant leadership isn't about positions and titles. Instead, it is an attitude that people and relationships are important, valuable, and essential to the success of an organization. Servant leaders put their people and their organizations before themselves and don't see employees as a means to an end. They don't seek personal success at the expense of others.

Servant leaders help others become better leaders.

Helping others in a not self-serving way puts you in a position of more significant influence and leadership. We see this played out repeatedly in various domains, such as politics, business, sports, and society. Emerging leaders are not the ones who discredit others or hold others back to maintain their position. Instead, this kind of leadership can make a difference in your field. The old saying, A rising tide lifts all boats, illustrates how leadership is the difference-maker. By helping others become better leaders, you become one!

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