The Difference Between Leading and Managing

The Difference Between Leading and Managing
January 23, 2023

For many salespeople, January is the start of something new. The numbers reset to zero, with twelve months to reach the new goal. Management develops and enacts plans to help teams reach goals, but are managers prepared for the people side of managing? Leadership.

Leadership is the ability to visualize, influence, motivate, enable, and empower others to contribute to the team’s success. To be an effective leader, one must first understand the difference between managing and leading and that these skills must coexist and complement each other. Managing is process-oriented and task-focused. Managing concentrates on the current time frame and immediate future. At the same time, leadership is about growth, development of people, and future-oriented. Leadership emphasizes a shared vision, establishing culture and direction for the organization.

Successful leaders are excellent communicators. They understand that not everyone on the team wants to be communicated with similarly. They treat people on their team as individuals. They know that they must provide value to influence others. Their actions establish trust, prove they can and will help team members, and demonstrate that they also care for them.

Successful leaders also understand the importance of emotional intelligence. They are self-aware and understand how their interactions affect others. Successful managers utilize a method of coaching that is well-communicated, consistent, planned, and scheduled.

If you are leading a team:

  • Invest in relationships.
  • Concentrate on your communication skills.
  • Develop and use a consistent coaching method.
  • Be trustworthy.
  • Challenge assumptions. Ask and then listen.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses regarding emotional intelligence. Work to improve weaknesses.

You can’t force people to believe in your ideas. If would help if you inspired them. The best way to help a team reach its goals, professionally and personally, is to provide access to qualified leaders. To help your managers become leaders, enroll them in our Leading a Team program.

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