Are you a good listener?

Are you a good listener?
August 15, 2022

What would your prospects and customers say about your listening skills? What about your co-workers? What about your family? Listening is more than most think; listening is so much more than just hearing what someone says.

Listening encompasses the following:

  • Body Language
  • Tone
  • Context
  • Feelings And Emotions
  • Perspective
  • Objectives
  • Motivation
  • Meaning
  • Comprehension

Silence is okay during a conversation. A dead giveaway that one is not listening is interrupting. Practice remaining quiet while the other person speaks and listen for the period, not the pause. Concentrate on what the other person says, not what you will say. Become comfortable with pauses where you give yourself a chance to think about what to say after someone finishes speaking.

Don’t rely on assumptions. Many of us assume we know what someone means, so we make assumptions while they are speaking. Assumptions interfere with our ability to listen without judgment. Assumptions are powerful because we believe we understand what someone is thinking or saying. Then we make decisions based on what we think, not what we know. This leads to mistakes and misunderstandings. We all make assumptions. Not all of us ask questions to validate them.

Why should you work to become a better listener? Here are just a few of the benefits of effective listening:

  • Shows you care.
  • Enhances relationships.
  • You learn more and understand more.
  • You make better decisions.
  • You respond appropriately.
  • Good listeners earn trust.
  • Fosters strong connections.

Become a better listener and join us in our next Listening online workshop

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