No one ever listened themselves out of a sale!
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Assuming one can listen because one can hear is like assuming one can read because one can see. How does it make you feel when someone listens to you, really listens to you? Do you provide that feeling to prospects, customers, or anyone? Actively listening to them shows how important they are to you. Listening creates trust and loyalty. Listening is a skill that can only improve with practice. This workshop evaluates what keeps us from listening at our peak efficiency and explores methods to become better listeners. Next time, you will know when a customer looks back at you and says, "Now, where were we?"
Topics Covered
  • What is listening?
  • Listening is a skill.
  • Why don't we listen well?
  • Why listen?
  • Four key points to remember
  • Methods to improve listening
Learning Objectives
  • Identify what keeps you from listening to prospects and customers.
  • Develop methods to improve listening skills.
  • Identify and prevent obstacles that keep you from listening.
Desired Outcomes
  • Listen with intent.
  • Recognize and challenge impediments to listening.

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60 minutes. $149.00 per attendee.
Friday, August 2, 2024, at 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT.
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Wednesday, December 11, 2024, at 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT.
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