Why don't salespeople prospect?

Why don't salespeople prospect?
July 18, 2022

Research shows prospecting is the most challenging activity for salespeople. Why? Salespeople shared the following reasons with us:

  • It just doesn’t work.
  • Prospects won’t talk to you.
  • More critical to complete activities that close a sale.
  • It is not fun.
  • Lack of time.
  • Not sure how to go about doing it.

Salespeople are notorious for postponing prospecting in favor of completing tasks that, in their eyes, are necessary to close business.

The team at Sales Concepts wants to change your mindset regarding prospecting! Successful salespeople understand the necessity of prospecting for the following reasons:

  • When selling during bad times, 33% of salespeople fail and leave their jobs. 55% struggle and 12% overachieve, even during bad economic times. Why? They prospect.
  • Your prospect is prospecting! Before a customer reaches out to a company for information, they have most likely done some research. About 91% of prospects are happy to engage with a salesperson in the early stages of research. So get out there early and be a resource.
  • You can increase your revenue, which not only helps the company grow but your wallet as well. What would it look like to your finances if you added four new customers a year?
  • The more prospects you generate, the more likely you will close a sale. Why fish in a pond when you could fish in the ocean?
  • Each year, the average salesperson loses accounts. Prospecting can limit the impact of churn in your territory and keep it thriving.

Are you part of a group that believes prospecting wastes time? Have you ever considered what a phone call or email to a prospect is worth?

If you reached out eight times to engage with a customer to win $10,000 of business, are you aware those eight touches equate to $1,250 each?

That is not a waste of time!

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