Who you don't know in selling can hurt you.

Who you don't know in selling can hurt you.
August 1, 2022

Who are you most comfortable calling on within your accounts? Often salespeople are most comfortable working with the people in their accounts who are easiest to reach. However, are these always the best people?

Many people in your accounts may influence the decision to buy your product or service. Some are easier to reach than others. Successful salespeople know the importance of speaking with the ultimate decision maker, who can approve the decision to buy without permission. We refer to this individual as the economic buyer. However, engaging them in the buying process may be significantly challenging! Often the higher an individual ranks in their company, the more difficult that person may be to reach.

Reach all the influences in your accounts is essential, which may take time and effort. Once you figure out who the right people are, you must connect with them and create an atmosphere where they value working with you.

75% of your competition believe that a lack of response from an email, text, voicemail, or LinkedIn message is a sign of disinterest. Not true! People are busy. They need you to continue working to reach them because you have something to offer that is of value to them.

Once you reach them, listen to people's pronouns to determine who else you should speak to within the account. Do they mention a s/he? Maybe the person you are working with refers to their leadership as they. You need to know who they are and what they want. The pronouns your customers use in conversations are critical and reveal other influences in the account. Listen for them.

Remember this cartoon when you prospect and keep calling; you will eventually win engagement!

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