What do you not want to hear after a presentation?

What do you not want to hear after a presentation?
April 8, 2024

Great Presentation! These could be the worst words you can hear after your sales presentation! Another horrible response a presenter might hear after a presentation is, Thank you very much. We will be in touch. Without an inspiring action step, most sales-oriented presentations inform without compelling a proactive response from your prospect(s)

Almost anyone can deliver an informative presentation. However, when you combine a compelling, action-oriented presentation with an informative presentation, you have a powerful combination that will more likely achieve the desired result: a change of mindset, a trial, a visit, or a purchase!

Two other critical components of a compelling presentation are its visual appeal and flexibility to accommodate the audience’s interests. The graphics, support materials, and content flow must be stimulating. It’s boring to use a PowerPoint presentation with black type on a white background in the default font of Arial. If this describes your presentations, maybe you hear the refrain, Thanks, we will get back to you, more than you would like.

There’s no question that a visually attractive presentation commands attention, but it also needs to be flexible. Use hyperlinks to navigate to content when your prospect shows interest in a point or asks a question. It’s more important to respond to your prospect’s thoughts than to follow the order of your slides. Visual appeal and flexibility will produce a more proactive response from your prospects. That means you may have to brush up on your PowerPoint skills. Some of the best sales-oriented presentations we have seen did not even use PowerPoint. If you prepare and practice with your prospect in mind, you can command the attention yourself! Remember, PowerPoint and other electronic aids are there to support you, not replace you.

There are four types of people; each type will react differently to your presentation. You must address the needs of each kind of person in your audience. Here are six questions we should be able to answer on behalf of our audience to help you do that.

  1. What is in it for me?
  2. Why should I listen?
  3. How long will this take?
  4. What will I learn?
  5. How will this help or impact us?
  6. Will I enjoy this?

Review your presentations or those used by your team. Ask an objective individual to give you their assessment. Is the presentation focused on your objective and the customer’s needs? Does it compel action? If not, change your presentation based on the six questions listed above.

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