What makes a salesperson great?

What makes a salesperson great?
October 2, 2023

What makes a salesperson great in the eyes of their prospect or customer? One who does not rely on assumptions! Easy to say, but hard to do! Dictionary.com defines an assumption as taking something for granted, something expected.

Synonyms for assumption are:

  • belief
  • expectation
  • guess
  • hunch
  • suspicion
  • conjecture
  • theory

Do these words describe what buyers want their salesperson to do? Is a salesperson who guesses considered great or helpful by the prospect or customer?

We all make assumptions, but great salespeople question them. If you think or say any of the following phrases about a prospect or customer, it is a warning that you need to ask some questions.

  • I think…
  • they probably…
  • they might…
  • I bet…
  • they usually…
  • I don't know if…
  • I believe…
  • in the past…
  • I assume…
  • I imagine…
  • Everybody does…

Great salespeople recognize when they are relying on assumptions and ask themselves how do I know this? But how does this acknowledgment benefit their prospect or customer?

  • Misunderstandings do not happen because the salesperson asks questions to clarify.
  • Salespeople ask questions to learn.
  • Customers feel heard.
  • The salesperson does a better job listening to confirm or deny their assumptions.
  • Salespeople can accurately forecast to lessen the risk of overdue items to their customers.
  • Reduces the chance of errors and mistakes.
  • The salesperson asks better questions, so the customer gets what they need!

Doesn't that sound like a great salesperson? Great salespeople earn trust through actions, demonstrate care, and help their customers. The best way to start is by working to identify and confirm your assumptions!

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