What's the secret to connecting with customers?

What's the secret to connecting with customers?
October 31, 2022

We all have had people you click with from the start. We decide immediately whether this is someone we want to get to know. When we sense a connection with another person, our brains start pumping a serotonin and dopamine cocktail that encourages continued contact with that person. At this point, the sales process between these individuals seems effortless.

What makes some people click and not others? Studies have shown that the amount of time between responses in a conversation makes you feel like you have connected with another individual. In other words, how long are the pauses from when you finish speaking and the other person begins? If your pace when talking to another person is fast, and they are fast too, you both feel like you clicked. If your pace is slow and you are speaking with an individual who also has a slow pace, you both feel connected.

What if the pauses are not in sync? What if your pace is fast, but the other person’s pace is slower? It may feel awkward to both of you. What if you are selling and they are buying? Do you want them to feel uncomfortable with you? If they do, you will have difficulty securing that second appointment.

Of course, there is more to connecting than pace. Our priority plays a role in connecting as well. Some of us are people-oriented and energized by being around others. These people are informal, enjoy building rapport, and joke around. Others are more formal and task-oriented and want to focus on the task at hand and possibly build rapport later, but never to the extent of those who are people-oriented. When you have a people-oriented and task-oriented person working through the sales process, it will likely stall because it becomes awkward for both.

Pay attention to others’ pace and priority. Don’t do the same things for everyone.

  • If your contact is task-oriented with a slower pace, slow your pace and limit rapport building.
  • If they are people-oriented and slower-paced, slow down and build rapport.
  • For a fast-paced and task-oriented prospect, speed up and stay on task.
  • For the fast-paced and people-oriented, speed up and build rapport.

Understanding this concept is vital to succeeding in sales. Join our Contact, Connect, and Communicate workshop on November 2 at 11:00 AM ET / 8:00 AM PT to explore how to spot others’ pace and priority in seconds and how to respond and establish a strong connection!

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