The great salespeople are grateful.

The great salespeople are grateful.
November 21, 2022

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is upon us here in the United States, so we are quickly working through November and coming to the end of 2022! Time for some reflection.

It's often said that to be happy; one must be thankful. Research also reveals that grateful people tend to be more empathetic and forgiving of others. Everyone who works in sales should be thankful for their customers. After all, customers provide us with our living. We are all thankful for our customers on some level, but how do we let them know?

Countless studies have been done on why companies lose repeat business. They seem to agree that over 68% of repeat business is lost because of the salesperson's perceived indifference. However, one of the biggest differentiators between successful salespeople and those who struggle is an attitude of gratitude. Therefore, it becomes critical that we consistently remind our cherished customers how much they mean to us, but how?

Here are ten ways to let your customers know you care:

1. Listen! Be responsive.

One of the highest compliments we can pay someone is genuinely listening to them. So why not be that person for your customers and prospects? Have you ever had someone listen to you? How did it make you feel?

2. Introduce your customers to people who can help them.

Here is something else you can do for customers that cost you little but could be of significant value to your customers. Share your network with people who can help each other. They will appreciate you for it.

3. Send them a handwritten card or note.

There is something special about receiving a handwritten note or card these days. Take the time to do this to let customers know you genuinely care. Extra points if you send them a Thank You card for Thanksgiving. Set yourself apart from all the cards they get in December. Differentiate yourself and be early.

4. Take them out for a meal or share time with them.

Invest in time with customers away from the usual grind. You will enjoy their company and learn much about them and their interests.

5. Keep up with their interests.

Let customers know you care. Stay in touch with them regarding their interests. For example, I once had a Revolutionary War buff customer. When I went to Boston for a vacation, I sent him pictures of Paul Revere's grave and other memorials. He loved them. This simple action forever changed our relationship.

6. Send them relevant stories or articles.

Since you are paying attention to their interests, send links, articles, and news stories related to them.

7. Keep in touch with them regularly.

Out of sight, out of mind. Call or email your customers continuingly. LinkedIn is also great for this purpose. Connect with your customers on LinkedIn and be active with them there.

8. Ask for their opinion.

Everyone wants their opinions heard and valued. So listen to what they say and then send a "Thank You" note for their thoughts and time.

9. Follow them on social media. Support their posts.

As appropriate, pay attention to what your customers do on social media. Like, share, and comment on their posts. Then, mention something about it when you speak with them.

10. Be a resource to them.

Help keep them up to date with market conditions or any news about your industry. Be there to answer their questions and provide them with links from your company's social media.

11. Always give a little extra.

I know we said ten, but here is one extra! Hewlett-Packard used to give 13" rulers to their customers. The quote on the ruler said, "This ruler is just a little longer than most. We put an extra measure of performance into everything we do." So why not do the same for your customers?
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