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Developing Your Value Message

Developing Your Message Revision Guidelines

11 Keys for Successful Prospecting

Managing Time and Priorities
The main difference between successful people and mediocre people is how they use their time. The following links are tools you can use to help you execute the right goals and maximize the value of your time.
Use this Excel Spreadsheet to track your progress with the 8-Touch prospecting system.

8-Touch Proactive Prospecting System Call Tracker Form.xlsx

One of the most important activities for any salesperson is keeping their pipeline full. Unfortunately, it can become one of the most neglected activities for salespeople. Keep the act of prospecting front and center with our call counter. Set goals and keep them.

12 Call Count Form.xlsx

In order to make the most of your time and set the right goals as to how to use it you need a complete understanding of how you use your time. Our Time Analyzer will help you figure out when you are the most productive and help you pinpoint any areas where you may be misusing your time.

Time Analysis Form.xlsx

One of the biggest roadblocks salespeople have when it comes to prospecting is the perception that there is not enough time to do it. If you had a toothache you would find time to go to the dentist. In other words if something is important enough you will find time to do it. Use this form to set an appointment with yourself to prospect. Give it the same level of importance you would a visit with your best customer. Hopefully you don't view prospecting to be as painful as a toothache.

Time Graph.xlsx

As salespeople, we often underestimate how many calls we need to make to keep our pipeline full. Use this worksheet to set the right goals for your prospecting efforts.

How Many Calls Needed To Reach Growth Target.xlsx

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