She Said Yes!

She Said Yes!
May 10, 2021

I recently saw a couple get engaged. It was an exciting moment. One the couple will remember forever. It looked easy from my perspective. He asked. She said yes. They were both thrilled and excited to start their journey. But, how did they get to that moment - the big close?

They began as strangers. They met, and the process began. They asked lots of questions, and listened well. There were disagreements and objections along the way. They each recognized the benefits of one another. And finally, after persistence, hard work, and many small decisions, they were both ready for the final close! Because they were both ready, it ended with a yes.

Sometimes proposals don't always end with a yes. Unresolved objections remain. Sometimes, one person does not see the benefit of the other. When it comes to the final close, the proposal, the answer does not go as expected. Steps are missed. Issues remain ignored and unresolved.

How does this relate to selling? The moral of the story for salespeople is to pay attention to the small steps and decisions throughout the process. Mistakes made at the beginning of the process show up at the end of the process.

Gain commitment throughout the process from prospects and customers. You will see your closing rates skyrocket.

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