Sales Blasphemy

Sales Blasphemy
August 28, 2023

Do you know Sales Concepts has a podcast? We call it Sales Blasphemy. We take the usual ideas about selling and turn them inside out.

Some of the episodes include:

  • Stop Defending Objections
  • What's EQ and Why Should We Care
  • Do You Ask Beautiful Questions
  • How Is Prospecting Like Potato Chips
  • Do You Want to Close More Business
  • Forecasting Is Not Just for Managers. It’s For Real.
  • The Secret to Connecting with Everyone!
  • Experienced Salespeople, Listen to This!
  • Did Curiosity Kill the Cat
  • Assumptions Are Dangerous, But How Do You Stop Making Them
  • Your Prospect is Negotiating. Now What

Our 5-10 minute sales and leadership tips help people be successful.

The Sales Blasphemy podcast is available wherever you listen to your shows as well as this link httpspodcasters.spotify.compodshowsalesconcepts

Check it out and subscribe.

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