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Targeted Personal Coaching

Our Targeted Personal Coaching program provides three one-on-one sessions designed to help people reach their full potential by illuminating their strengths and areas of challenge in business and personal situations. Participants are empowered to develop a sustainable plan to improve their skills. Each participant will have three coaching sessions with Sales Concepts. Here are some desired results:

  • Increase personal confidence and sales presence.
  • Develop new habits, such as turning in reports… on time!
  • Intensify influence and effectiveness with clients.
  • Improve leadership and management skills.
  • Develop skills such as forecasting, coaching, and meeting quotas.
  • Grow technical and sales curiosity by asking better questions.
  • Expand relational skills with clients, colleagues, and supervisors.

One-to-one coaching for increased performance is also an effective method to help develop a leadership mentality:

  • Increase leadership ability by maximizing effective areas and minimizing limitations.
  • Effectively launch a new process, product, service, or initiative.
  • Develop a high-performance team for explosive growth.

One-to-one coaching is the best way to empower and motivate high-performance team members. Recent research supports one-to-one coaching as an effective tool, and businesses receive an average ROI of almost eight times their original investment. (World Financial Review with research by the International Coach Federation).

Our One-to-One Leadership Coaching includes assessments that may include: a leadership competencies survey and a targeted 360-degree leadership survey, and coaching goals may be customized by the client's sponsor. You will notice a definite change in behavior. We offer three sessions of one hour as a package for a cost of $500.00 per session or $1,500.00 total for the three sessions.

Select an attendee, and let's discuss getting them started. You may find that you want others to participate as well. Contact Us Now. We'd love to hear from you and explore how to help your people grow.

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