Overcoming Objections
What’s in it for the customer? Respond to objections.
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To deal with objections effectively, we must understand where they come from and what causes them. Then we must understand how we react to them. We share a seven-step process for dealing with objections. In addition to the five basic objections, participants discuss the most difficult ones they encounter daily. We explore and discuss ideas to help participants respond when dealing with objections.
Topics Covered
  • Why do people buy?
  • Review: Answering the question all customers have. What's in it for me?
  • Less is more. Talk less, ask more.
  • Objections are not rejections but a sign of interest.
  • Tackle the most challenging objection to overcome.
  • Methods to deal with objections are evaluated and suggested.
Learning Objectives
  • Identify common objections encountered when working with prospects.
  • Develop methods to overcome objections commonly encountered by prospects.
Desired Outcomes
  • Be prepared to deal with objections from prospects and customers compelling and professionally.
  • Help participants expect and welcome objections.
  • Establish confidence and competence in the mind of all attendees.
Pre-Assignment (Optional)
Submit up to five of the most challenging objections you must overcome when dealing with prospects and customers before the program and well will address them in the program.
Follow-Up Assignment (Optional)
Write the five most challenging objections you encounter with three questions or possible responses for each one.

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