Objective Forecasting
Create objective forecasts, not subjective ones.

One of the biggest challenges salespeople face is developing an objective and accurate forecast. Unfortunately, many salespeople see forecasting as a waste of time. In addition, many salespeople have yet to learn how to assess and quantify the likelihood of winning future business. This workshop addresses harmful attitudes about forecasting and offers ways to overcome negative thoughts. This program focuses on evaluating fifteen critical factors for objective forecasting. The factors are:
  • The prospect is a previous or current customer.
  • The need is identified.
  • Target close or implementation date established.
  • The budget is allocated.
  • There is agreement on the tentative concept.
  • Preliminary pricing has been discussed.
  • The economic buyer is identified.
  • There is a consensus among multiple people in the organization.
  • There are no significant obstacles perceived with the proposal.
  • Some competition has been eliminated.
  • We have obtained positive feedback on the preliminary pricing.
  • Technical validation is complete.
  • Final pricing negotiated.
  • We have approval from the economic buyer.
  • Customer is Responsive.
We emphasize accountability, including the rewards and consequences for making or missing the forecast.
Topics Covered
Forecasting affects every aspect of a business, from Upper and Middle Management to Finance, Operations, Sales and Manufacturing or Development. This segment evaluates the process from each point of view and establishes connecting lines as to how one interacts with the other. Sources utilized for forecasting include:
  • What is forecasting?
  • Why forecast?
  • What is the impact of objective forecasting?
  • What do you need to develop an objective forecast?
  • How to create objective forecasts.
Learning Objectives
  • Understand how to analyze an account to accurately determine potential.
  • How to develop and execute a plan based on forecast assessments.
  • How to evaluate data to make intelligent decisions about future prospects.
  • Fifteen step process for forecasting.
Desired Outcomes
  • Improve the accuracy of forecasts and know where one stands with the chance of winning prospective business.
  • Discover what information is missing with potential accounts and how to develop a plan to acquire it.

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Friday, October 18, 2024 at 11:00 AM ET / 8:00 AM PT.
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