How do your customers negotiate?

How do your customers negotiate?
February 5, 2024

How do you feel when a prospect or customer says one of the following?

  • We need a better price.
  • You’ve got to do better than that.
  • I am disappointed.
  • We also need…
  • I will pay $X amount.
  • Here is the quote from your competitor. Can you beat it?
  • We said yes, but we need to change a few things.
  • Take it or leave it. This is my final offer.
  • I want to help, but they will not go for that.
  • I do not have the authority to approve this.
  • If you help me here with this now, we will buy a lot more in the future.

Have you been receiving one or more of these comments? What did you do? Do you realize that effective negotiators use these tactics to get what they want? Part of being prepared is responding to these comments before you hear them.

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