Four compelling reasons to sell with a business case.

Four compelling reasons to sell with a business case.
May 30, 2023

Why create and sell with a business case? Preparing and delivering a business case for your customers or prospects has many benefits:

  1. It builds credibility. Business cases don't just happen on their own. We need information from our customers to do it right. A compelling business case is built upon data from our customers. Therefore, we must use their numbers. Our case is no longer effective if we use our numbers or industry averages. However, using their numbers makes our case rock solid.
  2. It fully demonstrates the value of our proposal. Unfortunately, customers did not go to customer school and may easily overlook some of the value your solution provides. Make sure all the value you offer is easily comprehended with a well-formulated business case.
  3. Business cases are great closing tools. Business cases help your customers establish priorities. You can easily use a business case to close and determine where you stand concerning your customers' priorities.
  4. A well-documented and concise business case can sell when you can't and accurately tells your story to others who may not see your case first-hand.
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