Value-Added Negotiating

There is more to negotiating than just the price of fuel.

Negotiate Value not Price

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Help attendees improve margins by selling value-driven solutions, not price-driven solutions. Attendees will:

  • Learn about the five stages of negotiation.
  • Understand common negotiating tactics and how to counter them effectively.
  • Realize negotiating power resides with both the buyer and the seller.
  • Develop a negotiating mindset that removes the fear of losing business.
  • Reach win-win solutions focusing on value, not price.
  • Develop strategies to protect their margins.
Course Synopsis

We present the how-tos of negotiating. We test, counter, and examine the methods and tactics used by professional buyers and sellers. Attendees gain a working, usable knowledge of financial approaches and cost justification techniques to counter price objections by selling value. Emphasis is placed on preparation. Attendees are coached before tailored live interactive calls, and their performances are individually discussed afterward. We present the concepts in an enjoyable manner to increase effectiveness via experiential learning techniques.

Negotiating Scenarios
Participants practice the concepts introduced by negotiating with an instructor using a scenario developed by Sales Concepts instructors and their management based on their products and services.
Topics Covered
The Process of Negotiating
Watch what you say.
Set and achieve your goal.
Who has it?
Challenge them. Do not defend them.
Situation Analysis
Preparation is the key.
Know what they cost.
Four Negotiations
Structured practice.
Recognize and counter them.
  • Seven interactive online one-hour sessions
  • Two virtual negotiating calls with a Sales Concepts coach.
  • $2,490 per attendee
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Course Agenda
Session 1 Introduction to Negotiating Principles - Negotiating is a Process
Session 2 How Different Types of People Negotiate
Session 3 Negotiating Tactics
First customized virtual negotiating call
One hour (date and time determined with participant)
Session 4 How Questions Impact the Negotiating Process
Session 5 Assumptions - Concessions - Power
Session 6 Situation Analysis
Second customized virtual negotiating call
One hour (date and time determined with participant)
Session 7 Course Summary

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