Developing and Presenting a Business Case
Establish value and create a sense of urgency throughout the sales process.
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A business case is a document or a presentation that helps a person or people understand the benefits and risks of an opportunity or recommendation. It compares alternatives and the benefits of the proposal with other options and the limitations of the status quo. A strong business case establishes urgency and delivers a compelling argument for implementation. In this session, we explore how to develop and present a persuasive business case.
Understand and deliver the three components of a strong business case.
A business case compares money spent and money made over a length of time for a financial decision. The impact this has on the customer compared to other options or alternatives they may be considering.
Topics Covered
  • What is a business case?
  • Why develop and present a business case?
  • How do business cases establish urgency?
  • How do you represent financial benefits throughout the sales process?
  • Quantify the benefits of your solution with your customer.
  • Establishing a financial advantage.
  • Examples of financial benefits are evaluated and discussed.
  • Your financial case must prove that your benefits outweigh the rewards of all other options.
Learning Objectives
  • Be able to identify and represent financial benefits throughout the sales process.
Desired Outcomes
  • Be able to recognize favorable financial opportunities for customers concerning your products, services, and solutions.
  • Provide clear, quantifiable, verifiable data based on unique customers.

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Friday, February 3, 2023, 3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM PT
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