Customers can tell the difference!

Customers can tell the difference!
June 20, 2022

Do prospects or customers care whether they work with a well-trained salesperson? For example, if a prospect meets with your salesperson who has received little training and your competitor’s well-trained salesperson, how would they perceive the difference?

How do prospects benefit when a company invests in sales training for its salespeople?

  • Well-trained salespeople learn skills that make them better listeners and communicators.
  • They understand customers' different behavioral styles and expectations and know how to adapt accordingly.
  • Trained salespeople know how to ask questions to uncover needs and concerns.
  • Trained salespeople discuss the customer’s business needs and not the features of their products.
  • A trained salesperson can articulate the return on investment, life cycle cost, and how the purchase will affect cash flow.
  • They know customers buy what something does, not what it is.
  • Closing happens throughout the sales process, and they know how to keep the process moving without creating uncomfortable or awkward situations.
  • They understand individuals are looking to avoid pain or increase pleasure, and the organization is looking to increase revenue and decrease expenses. A trained salesperson addresses both situations.
  • They create buy-in by understanding the importance of speaking with everyone in an account – users, technical influences, coaches, champions, and economic buyers. They listen to their concerns and needs and present a solution for all.
  • They ask questions about current and future needs instead of discussing their products.
  • Trained salespeople work to craft win-win solutions for their company and their customers.
  • Trained salespeople effectively manage their time and priorities and don’t waste their customers’ time.
  • They know customers have concerns and encourage them to discuss them by asking insightful questions.

Companies that invest in sales training do so because it generates revenue. But why does it generate revenue? Because well-trained salespeople create positive experiences for their customers. They are adept at selling benefits and recognizing and addressing the fear, uncertainty, and doubt prospects may have, thus increasing revenue.

So, train your people! Consider our upcoming workshops below and invest in your team.

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