The six components of closing business.
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The close is a logical conclusion to an orderly sales process. We discuss the six critical elements of closing and how they impact your ability to win business. Closing can be difficult for salespeople when they have yet to earn the right to close. Ways for closing the Economic Buyer (the final decision maker) are reviewed and discussed. We emphasize that closing should be a natural part of the sales process, not an awkward question or gimmick. Natural closing at the end of the sales process requires proper positioning at the beginning of the process.
Topics Covered
  • What is closing?
  • Problems from the beginning of the sales process don't show up until the end
  • The six critical elements of closing
    1. Prospect accepts your value proposition
    2. Uncover essential, specific needs
    3. Identify and engage the economic buyer (decision maker)
    4. Building a consensus that accepts your solution and ability to provide it
    5. Presenting solutions to overcome objections or concerns
    6. Paint word pictures
  • Asking the most important question.
Learning Objectives
  • Identify and understand the six critical elements of closing.
  • Understand that closing is a natural part of the process. It should not be awkward.
Desired Outcomes
  • Enable participants to position for the close at the beginning of the process.
  • Inspire participants to close with confidence.
  • Understand how all six key elements impact the closing process.

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