Buying Influences
Develop a strategy to call on accounts at all levels.
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When developing a strategy for calling on an account, whom do you contact? What do you say when you reach these people? How do you gain commitments from these people? We emphasize the importance of penetrating an account at all levels by dividing an account into four buying influences: Economic Buyer, User or Worker, Technical Buyer, and Coach. We explore and discuss ways to address both the real and perceived risks of each influence.
Why accept "No." from someone who can't say "Yes."
However, all too many times we do! Why? There are a number of reasons. The biggest reason is we may not know who the true decision maker is. We call this person the economic buyer. The economic buyer is defined as the person who can approve your solution without having to get permission. In other words, the economic buyer is the final decision maker. The road to reaching the economic buyer can be a long and winding one. While it would be nice if we only had to call on the economic buyer, we must deal with people at all levels and departments of our customer’s organization and institution. To increase the chances of winning business one must deal with all of the various influences within an account. Their risks, both real and perceived, must be addressed and resolved.
Topics Covered
  • Learn about the four types of people in accounts and what is important to them.
  • Understand how both real and perceived risks impact your ability to close business.
Learning Objectives
  • Learn how to work with different types of people in an account regardless of their postion.
  • Learn how to make people more comfortable when working with you.
Desired Outcomes
  • Thorough penetration of an account at all levels.
  • Gain commitment and consensus throughout the sales process.
  • Visualize and understand buyers’ perspectives and address their risks.
  • Increased business from both current and new accounts.

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