Are you getting the most out of LinkedIn?

Are you getting the most out of LinkedIn?
November 6, 2023

Are you getting the most out of LinkedIn? Are you using LinkedIn to differentiate yourself from your competitors? Sales Concepts offers a one-hour workshop to help make LinkedIn one of your most valuable selling tools.

Topics covered:

  • Develop a profile that sells.
  • Establish and optimize your LinkedIn profile.
  • The importance of qualified connections, following organizations, and maximizing customer interaction.
  • Understand how social networks impact the quality of your reputation in your industry.
  • Determine Objectives - how exactly do you want to use LinkedIn?
  • Use Google Advanced to search for different types of customer information.
  • The importance of connecting with prospects and customers.
  • How to create and build new relationships.
  • Follow-up with prospects and customers.
  • Guide to generating referrals.
  • Be a source of added value for your customers.

Invest a few minutes daily to implement the recommendations shared in this workshop and get tangible rewards.

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