Accelerate The Sales Process

Accelerate The Sales Process
September 5, 2022

People want things fast. We pay extra to get in a shorter line or have something shipped to us quicker. What if you could accelerate the sales process and close sales faster?

It is possible with a straightforward question:

  • May I send an invite for our following conversation?
  • Is Tuesday at 2:00 good for you? May I send you an invite?
  • When should I check back in with you? I'll send an invite.
  • Do you like to schedule conversations on your calendar? If so, let's agree on a date and time, and I'll send the invite.
  • When are you available? I will send an invite.
  • Let's schedule our following conversation, and I will send an invite.

You can even add questions like:

  • Who else should I include on the invite?
  • Would you like to meet in person or make this a phone call, zoom, or teams meeting?

Successful salespeople never end a conversation without asking to confirm a time and date for the following conversation. It keeps the sales process moving. Of course, there is always the chance they won't be there, but they see your name on their calendar and strive to make time for you. When you have a spot on their calendar, you become less forgettable.

This simple question can shave days or even weeks off the sales process. Time spent trying to reach contacts is minimized, and if you ask who else should be included, it can also help you learn who is involved in the buying process. Ask this question every time. You will be amazed by the immediate results!

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