A Salesperson’s Worst Foe

A Salesperson’s Worst Foe
April 25, 2022

Assumption: Something accepted as accurate without proof.

Without proof - powerful words.

All salespeople make assumptions, but what separates the most successful ones is that they ask questions and challenge their assumptions.

Tips to keep from relying on assumptions:

  • Ask yourself, how do I know this?
  • If a prospect says something that you do not understand, ask questions.
  • Listen
  • Question what you believe to be true
  • Prospects and customers appreciate questions. Don’t let the fear of a negative response keep you from asking questions. You won’t look dumb.
  • Take a deep breath; it will help you remain calm and think.
  • Become comfortable with the fact that you do not know everything.

One assumption is always safe to make, and that is that you do not have the complete picture.

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