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What is an interactive online workshop?

Far from standard webinars, our interactive online workshops are just that, interactive. Engagement is key throughout the sessions. During our workshops, we encourage you to enter the discussion. Ask questions and engage with Sales Concepts instructors live as if you were sitting in a classroom. Get your questions answered and your needs addressed. Our online sessions include homework assignments to ensure the execution of the strategies and concepts. Many of the courses include bonus material with examples customized for RSFG owners and BDM's.

Workshops Offered

Overcoming Objections

Friday, Dec. 11, 11:30 AM ET


Friday, Jan. 22, 11:00 AM ET
Although the workshops stand alone, they work well as a series to cover the entire sales process from the first contact to the close. We encourage you to enroll for them all and take them as a series for the best results. Register for all of our workshops at once here:
Please scroll for specific information about each workshop or to register for an individual workshop.

Overcoming Objections

What’s in it for the customer? Respond to objections with a 3 step process.
To deal with objections effectively, we must understand where they come from and what causes them. Then we must understand how we react to them. In addition to the five basic types of objections, participants discuss the most difficult objections they encounter in everyday situations. We share a seven-step process for dealing with objections. We explore and discuss ideas to help participants respond when dealing with objections.
30 minute bonus content specific to the restoration industry.
1.5 Hours - Friday, December 11, 2020 at 11:30 AM Eastern/8:00AM Pacific: $89.00
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The six components of closing business.
The close is a logical conclusion to an orderly sales process. We discuss the six critical elements of closing and how they impact your ability to win business. Closing can be difficult for salespeople when they have not earned the right to close. Ways for closing the Economic Buyer (the final decision maker) are reviewed and discussed. Natural closing at the end of the sales process requires proper positioning at the beginning of the process. We emphasize how closing should be a natural part of the sales process and not an awkward question or gimmick.
1 Hour - Friday, January 22, 2020 at 11:00 AM Eastern/8:00AM Pacific: $89.00
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